Ergonomic Baby Front Facing Hip Seat Baby Carrier

Give your baby the view of a lifetime and a hefty dose of brain development with the 3-in1 Ergonomic Baby Carrier. This forward-facing, supersoft carrier supplies your baby with plenty of visual stimulation and distraction as you go about your day. It is a comfortable way to bring their child with them without the risk of back problems. With our ergonomic carrier, you can enjoy your nurturing time with your baby without the worry of random pangs of agony.

Ergonomically Designed:With a 30-degree slope, this infant carrier allows the baby to sit in a natural M-position as opposed to traditional carriers that cause pressure and discomfort on delicate baby hips. It ensures healthy skeletal development in all seating positions; the Dotted seat surface gives the baby a better grip.

X-Cross Shoulder Strap Design: Allows stress to even out between your shoulders and waist, ultimately minimizing stress on your back and abdomen. We’ve also included plush, extra-padded shoulder straps for your protection and ease of use.

Room For Your Belongings: Four multi-purpose pockets on the side and front to safely stow personal items, such as phone, wallet, pacifier. A tuckaway baby hood included for wind and sun protection.

Breathable, Light-weight Material: It is made from soft, breathable fabrics. Zippered 3D mesh front pocket to keep baby cool. The filling is made from environmentally-friendly EPP. Waterproof, durable, machine-washable.

This Baby Carrierallows the baby to sit in three different seating positions: Front facing, inward-facing, and assist/horizontal position.


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