Uniplay Soft Building Blocks Play Station

Our Building Blocks Play Station is a soft building block that offers a colorful visual experience and comfortable touch, involving the five senses of the gaming experience. It is soft building blocks are durable and easy to clean and perfect for outdoor use. You can play anytime and anywhere with multiple players.

This Building Blocks Play Station allows kids to have fun and gain knowledge in a safe environment. It can also stimulate creativity, enhance team working ability, and develop imagination. We believe all children should grow and develop in a friendly environment. With extra care, children are able to learn. Grow and experience the fun and wisdom from playing with our products.

The PlayStation is a platform for children to develop their imagination. The bottom space can accommodate one inbox. This is not only for kids to have a place to store blocks but also for them to have easier access to their blocks so that all children can fully use their imagination on the platform.

You can choose two kinds of Play Station, either single-sided or double-sided, and they can be combined with each other. The height of the Play Station is perfectly designed for children aged 3-8 years and is sloped on either side at an angle that allowed children to play with it whilst sitting down as well as standing up.


  •  Soft Building Blocks Play Station is the imagination platform for kids.
  • It can be placed at the bottom of the UNiPLAY Soft Building Blocks Play Station.
  • Training hand muscle, hand and eye coordination, and brain development.
  • Multicolor elements enhance color cognitive and visual development.
  • Food grade antibacterial materials Passed European safety regulation.


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